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Canadian roadshows get nod from local privacy officials

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The NAID-Canada Data Destruction Policy and Training Development Workshopshave received big boost in their respective venues. According to NAID-Canada Conference Chair Kevin Perry, the event is a departure from past conferences and the endorsements were critical.

“We have wanted to take our message on the road for some time. The challenge was to find a way to make it cost effective and attractive,” said Perry of the reboot. “Rather than roll out the event in every province, the NAID-Canada Conference Committee decided to hold two events. However, the stipulation was that the workshops would only work in provinces where the information and privacy commissioners could participate and, more importantly, use their resources and networks to promote them as well.”

NAID-Canada has commitments in Regina, Saskatchewan Oct. 16 and Toronto, Ontario Oct. 18. The workshop format is more practical as well. Instead of one or two days of sessions, the presentation is limited to an opening comment from the respective provincial commissioners, followed by a half-day orientation on data protection policy development and employee training by NAID CEO Bob Johnson. This will allow the association to offer a less expensive registration fee to attract more attendees.

Complete information about the workshops will be posted on the NAID website in August.