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NAID board approves $2.8 million budget

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Among the many accomplishments at the annual, face-to-face meeting last week in Ourey, Colo., the NAID Board of Directors approved a $2.8 million budget. This budget includes allocations for a new, expanded website; an online member-employee training interface; industry research; a new multi-year ad campaign; and multiple video productions.

“From a marketing perspective, this budget is the most aggressive in the association’s history,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “We have traditionally concentrated on a few consumer-related association publications. Our future efforts are designed to make a much bigger impression on a much bigger audience.”

Johnson declined to provide more details about the marketing initiatives but said members will “know it when they see it.” He added, “It is completely different from anything we’ve tried before.”

Also, the new website will have a number of enhanced features for members, including an online application process that streamlines recertification for both the applicant and the association.