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NAID-Canada leaders meet with Canadian privacy commission delegation

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Last week, a delegation from NAID-Canada met with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada in Toronto. The role of the Toronto office is to work with the private sector and key stakeholders to ensure PIPEDA compliance. The invitation came to NAID-Canada via the commissioner’s office. The association was represented at the meeting by Chairman Dave Carey and the NAID government relations secretariat, Duncan Rayner of Temple Scott Associates. The Privacy Commissioner’s Office was represented by Director Lorne MacDougall and Senior Regional Analyst Vance Lockton.

The commissioner’s office expressed their high regard for NAID-Canada’s initiatives, including the Compliance Toolkit (CTK) and the new Employee Training Video created specifically for the Canadian market. They also indicated a desire to work on future initiatives replicating the dumpster diving study done a couple of years prior. All parties at the meeting left with high hopes for immediate action on these and other important Canadian data protection initiatives.

Of course, this meeting dovetails nicely with the two upcoming CTK training sessions being coordinated with the help of the Provincial Information and Privacy Commissioners in Saskatchewan and Ontario this October.