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Improper disposal in the news

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Prince of Petworth: Visa agency leaves personal info by dumpster

While walking in the alley from my car to my office, I noticed some boxes by the dumpster. What caught my attention were some official looking documents.

Leader-Post: Doctor responsible for records not charged in dumpster incident

Justice Minister and Attorney General Gord Wyant announces on Friday that charges will not be filed against Dr. Teik Im Ooi, the Regina doctor whose patient files ended up in a south Regina dumpster.

News Channel 7: Tax preparer tosses sensitive record in dumpster

While most of the documents were just invoices, investigators with Spartanburg Public Safety found several records containing social security numbers with names and dates of birth.

STLtoday: Case files for recycling sat in a dumpster for weeks

Court documents containing personal information of court respondents sat for weeks in a dumpster outside a Madison County building.