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Doctors’ Marketing Session Boasts New Tools – Free Webinar to Mark Program Release

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As promised, the NAID Doctors’ Office Task Force unveiled their new marketing tools and plan at the NAID 2011 Annual Conference.

Without much mercy for anyone who stayed out late on Saturday night, the program was unveiled at 8:00 am to a standing-room-only venue.

NAID PR Committee Chair David Surdyk kicked things off by explaining how the program unfolded, starting with a session last year where it was decided that this plan was going to need new tools.  David also described how the PR Committee spun the project off to a special task force to see it through.

NAID CEO Bob Johnson then talked about the information gathering phase for the project, listing a dozen or more questions the task force wanted to answer before work began. One of the many highlights of the session was the viewing of video footage from the focus groups of doctors’ office managers conducted as part of that process.

Sean Caldwell, CSDS, the Task Force Leader then described the program tools:

  • Dedicated Website:
  • The new advertisement in Conexions magazine (MGMA) and Practice Management magazine.
  • The new “initial contact” brochure
  • A “We Promise Less” presentation folder designed to contain the marketing materials
  • A “Secure Data Zone” decal and counter stand that shows the doctors’ patients that they are serious about discarded media


Sean also explained how the NAID Customer Employee Training Video is integrally included in the marketing plan.

FREE WEBINAR: NAID will hold a FREE Webinar titled “Using the New NAID Doctors; Office Marketing Program” on April 13th at 3:00 PM EST.  No registration is required. 

Log on details will be provided in the April 5th edition of NAIDDirect and in the Coming Events section on the NAID North American homepage.