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NAID-Canada destruction policy workshops to serve as future model

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NAID-Canada is again showing off its penchant for innovation. This time it comes in the form of two workshops designed to teach organizations how to write compliant data protection policies and procedures now required by law. One event will be held in Saskatchewan the other in Ontario, and both events have the support of the provincial Information and Privacy Commissioners (IPCs). The IPCs will each provide the workshop opening remarks in their respective jurisdictions.

“These events have everything going for them,” said NAID Conference Chair Kevin Perry. “With the weight of the commissioners’ support and a low registration fee, we expect a good turn out.”

While the event will be opened by the IPCs, NAID CEO Bob Johnson will conduct the training, using the NAID Information Destruction Policy Toolkit (CTK) and the Employee Training Program.

“If we have any kind of success with this approach, it undoubtedly means we will do more of these workshops,” said Johnson. “And, not just in Canada but other areas where regulations require written destruction policies and training.”

For more details, visit the NAID-Canada Data Destruction Policy Development Workshops website.