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NAID 2011 to Host Premier of New Training Video

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The NAID Public Relations Committee is so jazzed about the draft viewings of the new Information Disposal Training Video that it has postponed releaseof the video to coincide with the NAID Conference.  While there will not be the traditional “red carpet” we see in Hollywood debuts, there will be some fanfare in conjunction with the premier.

According to David Surdyk, PR Committee Chair, “The preliminary cuts of the new video are so exciting that we decided to make a big event of its release.  This is going be a great tool for providing the new required training to customers’ employees, and also a good sales tool.  We think it is the first video of its kind and we’re very proud of it.”

The PR Committee has also decided that the video will only be available through NAID members, who will then use it to train their customers’ employees as is now required by law.

Details on how members can view some preliminary cuts of the video, as well as information on how they can obtain it for their use will be released in February.