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NAID Comments Give Perspective on Particle Size and Vendor Qualifications

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NAID was recently asked to comment on the GSA’s proposed particle size modifications for destroyed materials.

“The proposed specification represents a sea of change in the government’s approach to particle size,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson, who authored the NAID response.

“While none of the data protection laws include prescribed particle size requirements,” continues Johnson, “many agencies create them on their own authority.  Up to now, they always wrote specs that were aimed at office shredding scenarios. The new GSA spec is being created specifically with outsourcing as the model, taking into consideration that outsourcing has inherent security features not available in an office shredding scenario. It is what we have been lobbying for and it is here.”

NAID’s comments, however, point to the fact that emphasizing particle specification only works if proper vendor qualifications are accentuated in the vetting process.

According to Johnson, they are not.  “We are pushing for more focus on vendor selection qualifications and less on particle size, but we need both for it to work, says NAID’s CEO.  “We’ve got them halfway there and I fully believe they will respond to the logic of our position.”

Click here to read the NAID comment to the proposed GSA particle size specification.  The NAID comment begins on page 5.