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NAID uses Pinterest to show off trucks with NAID logos

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Pinterest is a relatively new social media platform that allows people and organizations to create online scrapbooks or pin boards. Like thousands of other organizations, NAID is experimenting with ways to use the platform to promote its brand.

This month, NAID Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg is encouraging members who are using the NAID or NAID AAA Certification logos on their trucks to send in their photos. NAID will post the photos on its Pinterest page and include company contact information and website. Over the coming months, NAID will link its Pinterest page to the association’s membership directory page. While Pinterest will never replace the membership directory, it is possible that those looking for services would visit NAID’s Pinterest page, eventually leading to service inquiries.

Only trucks with a NAID logo will be shown and NAID will assume all photos are authentic. If NAID discovers any photos were electronically edited to include a NAID logo, those photos would be removed. Photos of NAID member trucks displaying any NAID logo should be emailed to Carlberg at