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NAID expands Downstream Data promotion, support in 2013

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Over the last couple of months, NAID started promoting the benefits of its professional liability policy, Downstream Data Coverage, to clients of service providers.

“Downstream was created for three reasons,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “First, we wanted members to have a policy that actually provided the protections other policies don’t. As it stands, most are paying for something that does not protect them. Second, we will create a member-owned policy so the policy can be offered at lower rates so we can have even better control of the coverage.”

The third reason, Johnson said, is to protect customers.

He added, “When a service provider does not have the proper coverage, they also leave their customer unprotected. That means we have to also take our message directly to customers.”

Currently, Downstream Data Coverage has a full-page ad in Information Management Magazine, a Web banner on ARMA International’s Web page, and has sponsored a free ARMA webinar. Over the coming months, NAID will expand the ad campaign and other initiatives to provide additional marketing support to members that have obtained the coverage.