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Explore medical waste transport opportunities at NAID 2013

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Medical waste transport is not the type of diversification usually considered by secure destruction services. The more typical diversification opportunities such as e-scrap, paper recycling, or imaging revolve around records management or information security, which are closely related to secure destruction. Medical waste hauling is a specialized waste removal service, where the customer requires reassurances that it is being done properly, just like secure destruction services. And, like secure destruction, the client remains liable for the actions of the subcontractor.

Tom Funke, NAID 2013 presenter for Medical Waste Transport as a Diversification Opportunity, believes the similarities are significant where it counts. Funke started Medi-Waste several years ago and it is going strong. As he put it, “Medical waste transport is a great complimentary service to secure destruction. It’s where shredding was a couple years ago and this is a great time for the right people to get involved.”