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NAID ‘em initiative promotion reaches larger audience

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While members were given a preview of the new NAID ‘em initiative last month, the multiyear advertising campaign will soon reach a much wider audience.

“We always intended to broaden the promotion of the project on a measured basis,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “This initiative is going to last for years and it would actually be counterproductive to try to do too much promotion at once.”

The next step in widening the program’s exposure will be a full-page ad appearing in this month’s Information Management magazine. The publication is the professional journal of ARMA International with a circulation of approximately 11,000. In addition, an ad will be in the electronic version of the magazine and the ARMA website, which receives 20,000 unique visitors per month. Both electronic ads are hyperlinked to the NAID ‘em Web page.

In the coming months, advertising will be expanded to the other traditional buying group organizations. An article on the NAID ‘em program is also available in the winter edition of NAIDnews.