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28 people earn their CSDS accreditations

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On March 22, 2013, NAID conducted the last CSDS exam for the 2012-2013 testing period. Thirty-four people took the exam at the NAID 2013 Annual Conference in Nashville, Tenn., which was the largest testing group of the year. Twenty-eight of the 34 passed the exam with 19 participants scoring a 95 percent or higher. Congratulations to the following individuals who can now use the CSDS accreditation in their professional titles:

  • Bailey Jean Burt, CSDS
  • Brad Neeley, CSDS
  • Brian A. Gubbels, CSDS
  • Chris Davis, CSDS
  • Christopher Jay Ockenfels, CSDS
  • Eric Caldwell, CSDS
  • Ethan Tucker, CSDS
  • Gary Will, CSDS
  • Jacob Tanner Rapelye, CSDS
  • James R. Christie, III, CSDS
  • Jason Fredricks, CSDS
  • Jim Doerr, CSDS
  • Jon Forbes, CSDS
  • Katie Fletcher, CSDS
  • Leon M. Augusty, CSDS
  • Mark Mamon II, CSDS
  • Matthew Neuhaus, CSDS
  • Michael L. Payton, CSDS
  • Owen Bentrud, CSDS
  • Patti Michurski, CSDS
  • Ramin R. Sharifi, CSDS
  • Robert Burke, CSDS
  • Savannah Rose Carver, CSDS
  • Shane Bakaric, CSDS
  • Timothy Joseph Simpson, CSDS
  • Van Burgess, CSDS
  • Vanna P. Root, CSDS