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Madame Chair: Shredder Mom named 2014 Conference Committee chair

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Evelyn Jefferson, known across the industry as Shredder Mom, was unanimously approved by the NAID Board of Directors to serve as the chairperson for the NAID 2014 Conference Committee.

“I am really excited and honored to be the chair for this next conference,” said Jefferson. “I think everyone knows I am NAID’s biggest cheerleader and I think I can bring that enthusiasm to this job.”

This is Jefferson’s second time serving as the NAID Conference Chair and she has served on many conference committees in the last decade.

“Evelyn brings so much to the table,” said Jamie Steimer, NAID’s Director of Events and Programs. “She understands the vendors’ needs and is highly respected among her colleagues there, which is critical. And, she has been involved long enough that she understands how things work.”

Every year the committee is responsible for planning and organizing NAID’s annual conference. The NAID 2014 Annual Conference and Expo will be hosted in NAID’s hometown of Phoenix, Ariz. In 2014, NAID will be celebrating its 20th year during the conference.