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Over 380 New Customer-Training Videos Sold Based on Single Viewing at Conference

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“We knew from test viewings that the new Customer Training Video would be popular,” says NAID PR Chairman David Surdyk, “but we had no idea that we would sell more than 380 copies of it based on one brief public showing.”

The “video” Surdyk is referencing is an important element of a turnkey system that provides prospects and customers with the type of training now required by federal and state regulation.  It debuted during a session at the 2011 NAID Annual Conference.  Based on the number sold, it appears that virtually every NAID Member who saw the training video bought the license to use it.

In the conference session where the training video was presented, NAID CEO Bob Johnson explained that while the video was created as a training tool, it also serves as a very subtle sales tool. As Johnson puts it, “Even the act of previewing the video for a decision maker dramatically increases their sensitivity to our issues. After that viewing, those decision makers are going to have a new appreciation for the importance of data destruction.”

New Brochure Explains Training Program to Clients: This week, NAID will mail every Active and Franchise Member one copy of a new brochure that can be used to explain the Customer Employee Training Program to current and prospective customers. An order form for both the Training Video and the new brochure will accompany the sample when mailed.

NAID members can learn more about the Customer Employee Training Program by visiting the program overview.

Members can also access the Employee Acknowledgement Template, as well as the Employee Destruction Instructions Template — two important components of the Program, which, when used with the Video, provide customers with the training and acknowledgment required by regulation.

All readers can click here to see a brief introduction to the NAID Customer Employee Training Program on YouTube.  There is no plan at this time to offer another public viewing of the entire 15 minute video, although NAID is looking into options for a very limited web-based viewing opportunity at some point in the near future.To order the video, click here to access the NAID Customer Employee Training Program Order Form now*

*With the exception of the YouTubevideo introduction, the above items are located in the Members Only section of the NAID website, andaccess requires a user name and password. .If you do not know your user name and password please contact