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NAID ‘em video can drive traffic to your site

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In an age where YouTube is second to Google for the most popular search tool, using videos to convey important messages is a proven way to attract more traffic to websites and increase the time a potential customer spends on a website. Videos can be used to deliver valuable, fun and informative content about a business, product or cause.

As such, NAID has developed several videos for members to use that explains NAID AAA Certification and the disadvantages to depending on office shredders for information destruction. A couple months ago, NAID launched the NAID ‘em campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to build awareness about NAID and the qualifications of its members to handle the secure destruction of confidential information, thereby protecting organizational and personal privacy. The first campaign piece created was a four-minute video, “No Disrespect Intended,” that introduces the phrase “NAID ‘em, you’d be crazy not to!” This professional and humorous video is free content for members to embed in their websites and share on their social media pages, ultimately building awareness of their qualifications and products. To embed the video, click here and follow the instructions.