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NAID’s social media drives interesting discussions

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NAID has been active on several social media platforms for awhile now, creating content and starting meaningful discussions about industry issues. Lately, NAID has seen a consistent increase in participation and interaction online, allowing secure information destruction professionals to learn from one another and share important information. For example, more than 20 people gave their input about drop-off and walk-in shredding services after Tom Adams posed the question in NAID’s LinkedIn discussion group. The majority of comments were in favor of those types of services as long as they could eventually transition the business in to something long term.

Also, members and consumers follow NAID’s Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages to keep up with the latest identity theft, data breach, dumpster diving and association news. NAID provides this information in a digestible format – like links, photos, pictures and infographics – to be easily shared on other social media pages and websites. In addition, NAID has a biweekly blog, NAIDnotes, where industry experts and NAID’s CEO Bob Johnson blog about sales and marketing tips, legislation, NAID membership questions, business, sanitization, shredding and more. NAIDnotes has become a library of resources and content for NAID staff, members and consumers.

“I try to make sure there’s a good mix of current news and association information on all these platforms to maximize the benefit to our members and their clients,” said NAID Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg. “Be sure to check out these resources and follow NAID online to make your job easier.”