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NAID prepares to launch employee training designation

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Various regulations require data-related business associates (service providers) to train their employees who will come into contact with personal information. NAID is putting the final touches on a web-based member employee training module that will provide this training as well as validate that employees understand their individual responsibilities related to NAID Certification.

As currently envisioned, the training would be free to employees of NAID Certified operations. Upon successfully completing the training, the employee would receive a certificate validating their accomplishment and acknowledging their status as a NAID-Approved Secure Destruction Technician. Also, this designation is separate from the individual Certified Secure Destruction Specialist accreditation.

“NAID Certified operations are already held to a high standard for background screening,” said NAID Chief Compliance Officer Holly Vandervort. “By adding a world-class training component, the NAID-Approved Destruction Technician designation will carry a lot of weight in the marketplace.”

The NAID-Approved Secure Destruction Technician designation is a trademark of NAID.