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NAID Board of Directors to meet in July

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May 31, 2013

The annual, face-to-face NAID Board of Directors meeting is scheduled on July 31 in Toledo, Ohio. 

“It is customary to hold the event near the hometown of the current NAID president,” said Jamie Steimer, NAID’s Director of Programs and Events. “Having a tradition like that in place eliminates any haggling over the location and keeps expenses to a minimum as well.”

Controlling expenses is obviously important to NAID but also to the board members who only receive a partial travel reimbursement.

“Many members don’t realize that board members are often paying a significant portion of their NAID travel expenses,” added Steimer. “Not to mention the sacrifice they make by contributing their time.”

Members are welcome to attend NAID board meetings but must confirm their intent to attend in advance. To confirm attendance and to receive complete details, please contact Steimer at