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TIME Magazine features secure destruction industry

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May 31, 2013

In the months since the high profile story about confidential information found among the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade confetti, there has been renewed interest about shredding, sanitization, identity theft and data breaches. Buzz words include data protection, privacy, data breach, stolen identities and regulatory fines.

These hot topics attracted the attention of a TIME Magazine writer wanting to learn more about the industry, its regulations, and its top trade association, NAID. The article, “Shred Alert,” focuses mostly on how easy it is for thieves to access personal information and how mobile devices exposed the need for better data protection laws and consumer education.

Media coverage from large publications like TIME gives NAID’s mission to build awareness about secure destruction practices a big boost. Members and consumers can read NAID’s first article in TIME by picking up a copy of the June 10 edition that hit newsstands May 30. The article is also available online for subscribers.