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NAID President’s Advisory Council Created

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In December, the NAID Board of Directors created the NAID Presidents Advisory Board (PAB), which will be comprised of all NAID Past Presidents who are still active in the secure destruction industry.

As NAID President Jim Beran puts it, “Over the years, every NAID President has had to deal with unique challenges. Their experience, talents and perspective are too valuable to waste. Creating the Presidents Advisory Board not only honors their contribution to NAID and the industry, it gives every future NAID President a place to turn for help with their challenges.”

Currently, the NAID Presidents Advisory Board includes David Culbertson, Willie Geiser, John Bauknight, Chris Ockenfels, Nate Segall, Tom Simpson and Tim Oberst.  It is intended that they will meet quarterly or when called by any PAB member.