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In the news this week

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Aug. 26, 2013: The University of Mississippi Medical Center is providing free identity theft insurance to students after their social security numbers were emailed to the public.


Aug. 27, 2013: Tulsa homeless man returns lost medical records he found on the street.


Aug. 27, 2013: The Sept. 23 deadline looms for businesses to comply with the HIPAA/HITECH changes on patient privacy.


Aug. 28, 2013: Montgomery County Police investigate a $20k identity theft case.


Aug. 29, 2013: The U.S. OCR explains the data breach notification process for HIPAA.


Aug. 30, 2013: A hotel chain challenges the FTC's power to sue over data breaches.


Aug. 30, 2013: CVS reaches a $250K settlement with Attorney General Gansler because it didn't do enough to protect patient PHI.