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NAID conducting Australian/New Zealand hard drive study

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Sept. 11, 2013

Through the fall, NAID will be conducting a second-hand hard drive study in Australia and New Zealand. The format of the study will follow the landmark research pioneered by Dr. Simson Garfinkel, which was made famous in the article “Remembrance of Data Passed.”  

Currently, hard drives are being purchased randomly on the second-hand market in Australia and New Zealand. NAID will subject these drives to data recovery techniques to render a statistical profile (and anecdotal evidence) of the extent data remains on those drives. This is NAID’s first foray into this type of research, which will yield useful experience for conducting such a study in the U.S. and/or Europe in the future. Results from the study will be released at the NAID-ANZ 2014 Conference next February in Melbourne.