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Free Webinar Provides More Training on Doctors’ Marketing Program and New Employee Training Video

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NAID members should not be surprised when they see the new NAID Employee Training Video and the new Doctors’ Office Marketing Program making the rounds in their market.  Hopefully, they are the ones making that happen, and not the ones having to defend against it.

“They’re selling fast and we have to work hard to keep deliveries going out quickly,” responds NAID Deputy CEO Dustin McKissen when asked about NAID’s latest and most innovative marketing materials.

At this time, over 540 of the training videos are in circulation, with more being ordered at a steady pace.

According to NAID President Ray Barry, “We are delighted that so many members are taking advantage of the new tools NAID is creating.  The future belongs to members who become more than just a shredding company to their customers.”

TO PARTICIPATE: Details for participating in the FREE NAID Marketing Materials Training Webinar are available in the Coming Events section of the NAID webpage. The webinar will be held at 3:00 PM EST on Wednesday, May 18th.

Advanced registration IS NOT required for this FREE webinar.

Order forms and descriptions of all support materials for both the Doctors’ Office Marketing Program and the Customer Employee Training Program are available in the Members Only section of the NAID website.

Visit NAIDTV on YouTube to see an introduction to the NAID Customer Employee Training Program.