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Final Certified Secure Destruction Specialist Exam Held as Program Retools for Autumn Relaunch

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Including the 4 successful CSDS candidates who passed the industry’s competency exam last Thursday, a total of 92 industry professionals now have the only professional accreditation that demonstrates subject matter expertise on a complete and diverse range of industry topics.  The success of the program certainly shows how hungry industry participants are for industry-specific training.

The most recent successful CSDS accredited candidates are:

Josh Lattin, CSDS Accushred NW
Travis Sanders, CSDS Premier Logistical Services
Craig Thompson, CSDS First-Shred, LLC
Rick Troy, CSDS First-Shred, LLC

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “These four industry professionals, along with those that preceded them by passing previous CSDS examinations, should be very proud of their accomplishment.”  Johnson adds, “This achievement sets them apart as dedicated professionals and their understanding of such a broad range of industry issues will help them better succeed.”

“NAID will take a few months to process the lessons from this first round of training and testing,” says NAID Deputy CEO Dustin McKissen. “We will then release new, more developed training materials followed shortly by a new round of exams at sites around the country.”