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In the news this week

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Oct. 7, 2013: Guam's Department of Public Works loses important records to mold.


Oct. 7, 2013: A Minnesota data breach case settlement could be the largest payout so far.


Oct. 8, 2013: 40,000 medical patients are at risk after two people were arrested for stealing identities, one of the victims was a captain with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.


Oct. 8, 2013: Alabama police seized records and computers from a county director's office on suspicion of identity theft.


Oct. 9, 2013: A Georgia charity warns its clients of identity theft after files were taken from the agency's office.


Oct. 9, 2013: 96% of surveyed Australians want agencies and businesses to notify them if their personal info is lost or compromised according to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.


Oct. 10, 2013: California moves ahead with a series of online privacy laws that'll have broad implications for Internet companies and consumers.