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In the news this week

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Oct. 14, 2013: Garden City Mayor apologizes to the residents after confidential documents were found in a dumpster outside the Department of Public Services.


Oct. 14, 2013: Privacy breaches in VA health records wound veterans.


Oct. 15, 2013: Vancouver police warns residents about mail and identity theft.


Oct. 16, 2013: A homeless woman stole dozens of identities, documents and $185,000 to feed her addiction.


Oct. 16, 2013: 12,912 cases of identity theft were reported this year by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, which cost victims $7.6 million.


Oct. 17, 2013: A Social Security Administration manager stole documents and a man's identity to commit stock, tax and mail fraud.


Oct. 18, 2013: Three people were arrested in LA for stealing mail and identities of hundreds of people.