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In the news this week

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Oct. 28, 2013: A rash of identity thefts hits many residents of a Dallas-area neighborhood.


Oct. 28, 2013: The FTC commissioner calls for a clampdown on info in order to protect consumer privacy.


Oct. 28, 2013: The European Union plans to move forward with the new data protection regulation despite the U.K.'s opposition.


Oct. 29, 2013: The East Lincolnshire Council was issued a fine after losing sensitive data about hundreds of special needs children.


Oct. 30, 2013: The Adobe data breach last month was more extensive than disclosed, with more than 38 million customer accounts hacked.


Oct. 31, 2013: The last of six ringleaders was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in a major identity theft ring.


Oct. 31, 2013: Someone stole his identity and he spent seven weeks in jail before it was cleared up. Protect your sensitive info by using a qualified shredding company.