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In the news this week

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Nov. 18, 2013: A U.K. council report reveals an increase in security breach incidents, including improper disposal of documents.


Nov. 18, 2013: Hundreds of financial documents were spilled in a Jonesboro, Ga., intersection.


Nov. 19, 2013: Fairfax Police have been inundated with 12,000 identity theft cases this year alone.


Nov. 20, 2013: A California hospital notifies thousands of patients that their personal info was exposed.


Nov. 21, 2013: A Texas nurse stole patient identities and up to $265,494.


Nov. 21, 2013: A U.S. government report calls for a comprehensive federal privacy law.


Nov. 22, 2013: Fresno Police are worried about the confidential documents they discovered at a chop shop.