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Second round of NAID recommendations leads to more involvement

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Dec. 5, 2013

After NAID’s testimony to the Nebraska legislature on the importance of data destruction regulations, NAID was invited to submit supporting recommendations. Based on the extensive recommendations submitted last week, the Nebraska legislature has request additional help in drafting a bill.

The note from Senator Heath Mello’s office simply read, “Thank you for your recommendations. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in developing the initial draft of legislation based off of the recommendations.”

“Fortunately, NAID’s work in Nebraska will translate well in other jurisdictions,” said NAID Past President Scott Fasken of Colorado Document Security. “There are currently 21 states that have no data destruction requirement, and those that do have significant room for improvement.”

There are international applications as well. Recently, NAID-Canada was asked to provide regulatory recommendations to those seeking to modernize the country’s main data protection regulation, the Personal Information and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA).

Conference planners will be scheduling a workshop on how to lobby state governments for stronger data protection regulations at the annual conference this April.