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In the news this week

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Dec. 9, 2013: National American University is investigating whether student records were thrown in an outdoor trash earlier this year.


Dec. 10, 2013: 1,000 patients waiting for organ transplants are on edge after a laptop belonging to Methodist Hospital was stolen.


Dec. 10, 2013: A laptop containing SIU patient information was stolen from a doctor's office.


Dec. 11, 2013: Hundreds of people who attended conventions in Boston reported fraud and identity theft.


Dec. 11, 2013: "It is critical that businesses not forget that they too can have their identities stolen."


Dec. 12, 2013: 1 in 14 Americans age 16 or older was a victim of identity theft in 2012.


Dec. 13, 2013: Victims of identity theft aren’t necessarily gullible and naïve. Recently, a 100-person identity theft ring was busted.