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Member’s Personal Information Found in LA Boxing Dumpster

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KPHO CBS 5 NEWS – Phoenix, Arizona

May 27, 2011- Local residents found personal information from a nearby gym in the dumpster.

"I cannot believe what you found in the trash. That is amazing. It has all my information on it -- where I live, direct deposit, account number," said Genaro Fernandez, who had his information thrown away.

Fernandez said he left the gym a few months ago, but never thought it would do something like this with his paperwork.

"I just figured that they must have some kind of document control process for when people were done with their membership, or so I would have thought. I did not know it was that simple to just go throw it in the back Dumpster," said Fernandez.

The gym was since purchased by a different owner, who pledges to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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