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In the news this week

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Jan. 7, 2014: "A man who received someone else’s confidential medical report in the mail had so little faith in the health authority that he refused to give up the documents until a uniformed security guard came to his house."


Jan. 7, 2014: County court records were found scattered on a Georgia street.


Jan. 8, 2014: The IRS reports that identity theft prosecutions and indictments have more than doubled in the last year.


Jan. 9, 2014: NAID's CEO Bob Johnson was interviewed for the Politico story "Once more into the data breach - banks, retailers ready for Hill fight" (subscription required).


Jan. 9, 2014: Adobe is investigated in Ireland over massive data breach.


Jan. 10, 2014: Target data breach up to 70 million customers, 30 million more than previously reported.