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NAID Conducts Focus Groups to Determine Buying Hot Buttons

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NAID has commissioned a research company to conduct a series of targeted focus groups to discern attitudes and behaviors regarding information destruction in an effort to refine its forthcoming Doctors/Dentist Marketing Program.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “NAID now has the resources to conduct research that was not previously available.  There is a reason that these tools are employed by the more advanced marketing firms and that is because they work. Otherwise, we are simply relying on our intuition.”

The Doctor/Dentist Marketing Task force is working to finalize a broad range of tools to help members capitalize on this untapped market, including a new brochure, a dedicated website, the training video and special “kit” that can be used to help these clients comply with the new HIPAA/HITECH training requirements. While the elements will be rolled out independently of each other as well, the complete package will be ready in early 2011.