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In the news this week

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Jan. 20, 2014: A U.K. woman found confidential patient records littering the street.


Jan. 21, 2014: A California district attorney files a compliant after a hospital employee made copies of confidential patient records.


Jan. 21, 2014: Police found more than 400 pieces of stolen mail on a dead-end street in Washington.


Jan. 21, 2014: Easton-Bell Sports reports a large data breach.


Jan. 22, 2014: The EU Commissioner for Justice calls for bigger data breach fines.


Jan. 24, 2014: More than 740 million records were exposed in 2013, making it the worst year for reported data breaches.


Jan. 24, 2014: Neiman Marcus said hackers waged a three-month attack, stealing personal data from 1.1 million people.