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NAID 2014 attendees earn transferrable discount for Shred School

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Jan. 30, 2014

Many business owners and supervisors would like to be able to send every employee to the NAID conference every year but that is not always possible. The reality is that budgets are tight and manpower is needed at their facilities. Therefore, NAID created a discount for those that attend a Shred School workshop and/or the annual conference to increase the affordable education opportunities available to all members.

“NAID events are so important for keeping members connected, informed and aware about news and issues the secure destruction industry faces,” said Kristina Carlberg, NAID Director of Communications. “We want to make it easier for as many members to attend NAID events as possible. After all, that’s the reason NAID exists, to support the industry and its professionals.”

Shred School graduates will get a 33 percent discount on future Shred School workshops. Professionals who attend the NAID 2014 Annual Conference in Phoenix, Ariz., this year will get a 20 percent discount if they decide to attend a 2014 Shred School workshop. To learn more about the Shred School program and related discounts, contact or visit