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In the news this week

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Feb. 17, 2014: Electronic recyclers catch the wave of tech growth.


Feb. 17, 2014: "We've been learning about identity theft in school, and our teacher said you should shred every document that has any personal information before putting it in the trash."


Feb. 18, 2014: The University of Miami Health System has lost scores of patient records and info in the last year.


Feb. 19, 2014: Computer security researchers uncover websites containing instructions on how to obtain medical records and payment info.


Feb. 19, 2014: "General counsel, senior level corporate lawyers, and compliance heads worldwide place data protection as a top concern."


Feb. 19, 2014: States defend their turf from feds on data breach rules.


Feb. 20, 2014: The results of NAID-ANZ's hard drive study makes the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.


Feb. 20, 2014: "The global consensus on data breach legislation is that it's still evolving."


Feb. 20, 2014: More than 300,000 UMD social security numbers were compromised in a data breach Tuesday.


Feb. 21, 2014: NAID's CEO shares a few minutes with Australia's 4BC News Talk Radio to discuss NAID-ANZ's hard drive study.