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2014 election ballot emailed March 3

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Feb. 27, 2014

NAID active and associate members will soon have the chance to vote on who should represent their companies on the board of directors.

The 2014 NAID Board of Elections will be held March 3-24 to vote on one president-elect, three directors, one secretary, and one vendor liaison positions. This year will be the second year that the entire election process will be electronic. All eligible active member representatives will receive a ballot via email for president-elect, secretary and director. Eligible associate member representatives will receive a ballot for vendor liaison. Members can login to the NAID website and review candidate information at

This year the ballots will also contain two bylaw changes. The first bylaw amendment grants the NAID president, or presiding officer, the ability to declare certain NAID Board of Director proceedings confidential, especially in incidents related to ethics or human resources. The second bylaw change is to allow the creation of a new classification of member certification: a custodial membership. The ballot will contain a full explanation of the custodial membership eligibility requirements.

Also, candidates are encouraged to participate in NAID’s LinkedIn candidate discussions. Starting next week, NAID’s Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg will post a question for candidates to answer, giving members an opportunity to understand their position on certain issues and ask them questions as well.

“This is a great way for members to interact with the candidates before they make their decisions on the ballot,” said Carlberg. “In the last two years, while the discussions can get heated at times, candidates and members appreciated the opportunity to have an open forum with which to talk about important issues before the election.”

Monday member company representatives will be sent a ballot. Voting capabilities will be closed March 24. On April 5, the election results will be announced at the business luncheon in Phoenix, Ariz., during the NAID 2014 Annual Conference.