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In the news this week

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March 3, 2014: Millions of hospital records were exposed online, according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre.


March 3, 2014: Palo Verde Hospital warns patients of HIPAA violations and breaches.


March 4, 2014: A man gets 7 years in prison for stealing identities and $400,000 from retailers.


March 5, 2014: Did you know this week is National Consumer Protection Week? The BBB advises consumers to shred their info to protect against identity theft.


March 5, 2014: Point Park notifies its employees of a data breach after a package of info goes missing.


March 6, 2014: The lack of data privacy culture in South Africa means most businesses are not prepared for the Protection of Personal Information Act.


March 6, 2014: A former VA employee gets six years in prison for stealing personal info for drugs.


March 7, 2014: Hundreds of UPMC employees were affected by a data breach and identity theft scheme.


March 7, 2014: Identity thieves target cars and steal account and personal information.