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More press from Aussie hard drive study

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March 13, 2014

Last month’s press release about NAID-ANZ’s Secondhand Hard Drive Study has continued to draw attention to the need for proper destruction of information on recycle computers. Among the scores of public reports published on the study, including a video interview Sky News (News Corp.) with NAID-ANZ member and director Tony Tanti in Australia as well as a live drive-time interview of NAID CEO Bob Johnson on Adelaide’s top talk news station. Print and online reports, too numerous to count, also have appeared throughout the region.

“There has been some interest outside of Australia as well,” said NAID Director of Communications Kristina Carlberg. “We’ve been assisting the U.K.’s largest newspaper, The Sun, and fielded interest from major U.S. media outlets as well.”

The 2014 NAID-ANZ Secondhand Hard Drive Study is a just one of a dozen such projects NAID has conducted over the last six years. Currently, NAID management is developing proposals for similar North American projects over the next 18 months.