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Press release: NAID members elect board officials

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March 27, 2014

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – March 25 members elected individuals to six positions for the 2014 NAID Board of Directors. Congratulations to the following individuals who were elected to a seat on the board:

  • Steve Richards, CSDS; President-Elect
  • Don Andriaansen, CSDS; Secretary
  • Dag Adamson, Director
  • Lucas Gilmore, Director
  • Eric Haas, Director
  • Vlad Vasak, Vendor Liaison

These individuals will join President Chris Isabell and Past President Tom Huth on the board.

“Over the years, NAID has benefited from leaders that represent a cross-section of businesses,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “NAID members should be happy to know their interests are under the stewardship of professionals with the same concerns and challenges that they face every day.”

Leaving the board this year is Scott Fasken, John Mesrobian, Renee Keener, Angie Singer Keating and Paul Garfunkel.

“It has been a pleasure working with these individuals on the board,” said Chief Compliance and Operations Officer Holly Vandervort. “They have made great contributions to the association and the industry.”

This was the second year NAID conducted an electronic vote, which allowed for a more convenient and easy balloting process. In the past, hard copy ballots were distributed, collected and counted at the annual NAID conference every year. This year, company representatives had two weeks prior to the conference to submit their votes, which allowed for a much larger participation compared to previous years.


About NAID: NAID is a non-profit trade association of the secure destruction industry, currently representing over 1,900 member locations globally. NAID’s mission is to promote the proper destruction of discarded information and to encourage the outsourcing of destruction needs to qualified contractors.