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In the news this week

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March 24, 2014: Medical records were found in a Topeka dumpster.


March 24, 2014: A new data breach bill was introduced into the Australian Senate late last week.


March 25, 2014: The IRS is overwhelmed by tax return identity theft scams where personal info is stolen from hundreds of thousands of victims.


March 25, 2014: A data breach and disposal bill was introduced to the House in New Mexico.


March 25, 2014: Consumer Reports went dumpster diving at a recycling facility and found medical records, credit card bills and more.


March 26, 2014: An identity theft ring leader gets 22 years in prison for stealing people's confidential info.


March 27, 2014: Reps from the University of Maryland, Target, the FTC, Visa and others testified before a Senate committee about protecting consumer info.


March 29, 2014: Last week a $3 million class-action data breach settlement in Florida. Now a $4.1 million settlement's announced in California.