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In the news this week

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April 21, 2014: Data theft is on the rise but stopping them is the hard part, according to one security expert.


April 22, 2014: A recent survey reveals that more than half of Utah residents either are identity theft victims or know someone affected by it.


April 22, 2014: Recall and CBS46 collected more than 87 tons of paper, setting a new Guinness World Record.


April 22, 2014: Stolen laptops lead to important HIPAA settlements of more than $1.9 million.


April 23, 2014: Records with confidential veteran info were found on a Massachusetts city street.


April 23, 2014: A data breach at Iowa State exposes nearly 30,000 social security numbers.


April 25, 2014: A Madison College instructor recommends protecting your data before selling your device.


April 25, 2014: Coordinated Health was hit by a second data breach due to a stolen laptop.