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Press release: Board taps new director for Certification Rules Committee chair

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May 7, 2014

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) Board of Directors has approved the appointment of Eric Haas to the Certification Rules Committee chair. Haas, who is a principal at A.R.M.S. in Appleton, Wis., also serves as a director on the NAID board.

“We are extremely lucky to have someone of Eric’s dedication and integrity serving in this critical leadership role,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “The NAID AAA Certification Program is the most influential and successful data disposition standard in the world and it’s important that there’s strong leadership at the helm.”

The committee is responsible for continually evaluating the data security and regulatory environment around the world in order to make sure NAID’s certification program is aligned with the evolving requirements.

“We need to make sure that NAID certification continues to validate that service providers meet all the requirements that customers are responsible to verify under the law,” said Haas. “So, not only will it continue to verify that appropriate security is in place, it also provides a practical way for clients to comply with their vendor selection requirements.”

The NAID Certification Rules Committee is comprised of a board-approved, cross-section of service providers, industry suppliers, and outside advisers who are accredited in data security and/or records management. Recommendations formulated by the rules committee are approved by the NAID board and subject to member comment prior to implementation.


About NAID:NAID is a non-profit trade association of the secure destruction industry, currently representing over 1,900 member locations globally. NAID’s mission is to promote the proper destruction of discarded information and to encourage the outsourcing of destruction needs to qualified contractors. 

The NAID AAA Certification Program is offered on a voluntary basis to all NAID member companies providing information destruction services. Through the program, NAID members may seek certification for mobile and/or plant-based operations in paper or printed media, micro media, computer hard drive destruction, and/or computer hard drive sanitization. The certification program establishes standards for a secure destruction process, including such areas as operational security, employee hiring and screening, the destruction process, responsible disposal and insurance. NAID members who are seeking certification are required to submit the Certification Application and associated fees. NAID certified members are subject to announced and unannounced audits to validate certification.