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In the news this week

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May 5, 2014: 1 in 3 Americans were victims of data breach last year.


May 5, 2014: This week is Privacy Awareness Week 2014 in the Asia Pacific region.


May 5, 2014: Target's CEO resigns five months after the massive data breach.


May 6, 2014: In 2013, identity theft cost the U.S. $21 billion. Stats show the majority of victims are 18-24 years old.


May 6, 2014: A survey in the U.K. revealed that people trust banks more than any other organization to protect their data.


May 6, 2014: The FTC was told to disclose the data security standards it uses for breach enforcement.


May 6, 2014: Molina Healthcare is warning members about a data breach after addresses and SSNs were mailed out.


May 7, 2014: In the past four years, the number of criminal attacks on health providers and their records has doubled.


May 9, 2014: Loose veterans records that fell off a truck were found in a Quincy neighborhood.