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In the news this week

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June 2, 2014: A survey reveals that companies are becoming increasingly concerned about exposure of confidential info through email.


June 2, 2014: Days after NAID's CEO speculates about the Target data breach suit going to the Supreme Court, a state court overturned the prior dismissal of a data breach suit.


June 3, 2014: A Florida woman is sentenced to 10 years in prison for medical identity theft.


June 3, 2014: AmEx notifies more than 76,000 customers in California of a data breach.


June 4, 2014: The proposed EU data protection legislation may still be a long way from becoming law but principles are already in effect.


June 4, 2014: A Florida pharmacy dumps patient records in a public dumpster.


June 4, 2014: A Monsanto data breach exposes the personal information of 1,300 people.


June 5, 2014: A data breach at Arkansas State University affects 50,000 people.


June 6, 2014: A recent study suggests the legal regime for data protection in Australia will mirror those in the U.K. and Germany.