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GSA Modifies Approach to Particle Size Based on NAID Input

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NAID learned last week that the US General Services Administration will soon issue a revised destruction specification that is NOT focused on particle size. In fact, as NAID recommended, the particle size is not specified at all.  Though the GSA has not released the actual language at this point, NAID’s sources report that the new specification will simply instruct the agency to select a particle size that meets their needs to reasonably make sure the media cannot be read or reconstructed.

GSA’s previous specification was completely focused on an unnecessarily small particle sizewith no reference or requirement on the other related security issues. Fortunately, in accord with NAID’s suggestion, the new specification is reported to be focused more on the service provider’s overall security processes and procedures.

Reportedly, the new GSA specification for the destruction of paper records will be published within a week or two.

Read the NAID comment to GSA