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CSDS Training Materials and Webinar Series Coming in September

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Earlier this year, almost 100 industry professionals earned the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS)accreditation from NAID. 

The exam required to earn the industry’s only competency accreditation consisted of 225 questions covering topics such as data protection legislation, risk management, physical security, records management principles, ethics and data destruction operations. 

Approximately 20 percent of CSDS applicants did not pass the exam.

Based on the success of the program and lessons learned during the training and testing phase, NAID has revised the training materials for rerelease this September.  Besides including over 500 sample test questions, the revised materials will include concise written descriptions of the principles that support the answers.

NAID will also soon release the continuing education portion of the CSDS accreditation to help members stay informed on evolving issues and to help them promote their achievement in the marketplace.

Members interested in getting a specific notice when the materials are released should click here to notify NAID.