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PHI Disposal Website Resource for Medical Practitioners, Members

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The Communications & Marketing Committee reminds members that the association maintains a website specifically dedicated to educating healthcare services organization on the importance of data destruction and the value of outsourcing destruction to a qualified service provider.

The website,, also explains how a number of NAID programs, including NAID AAA Certification Program and the Customer Employee Training Program, can be used to minimize the likelihood of a data breach and insulate HIPAA covered entities from the worst consequences in the unlikely event it happens.

In creating this resource, the association was very careful to make is safe for members to refer their clients and prospects. For instance, there is no link back to the main NAID website where prospects could access the membership directory.

NAID Committee Member and former Chair, David Surdyk, explained, “We did not want members to fear using this educational resource for fear the site could inadvertently lead visitors to competitors. We encourage members to take advantage of it. Not enough members are doing that now.”

NAID also has a suite of marketing materials specifically for members to leverage when reaching out to healthcare practitioners. The order form for materials can be found in the Member Portal Document Library