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Saskatchewan IPC Says Data Protection Violations Will Continue Until Consequences Increase

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The Star Phoenix

July 4, 2011- Saskatchewan’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Gary Dickson released a report showing 463 privacy breaches over the past 2 fiscal years, including the largest privacy breach his office has ever dealt with, which occurred in March. Commission Dickson noted that one of the primary reasons the breaches continued to occur is a lack of serious consequences for offenders.

“We’re not going to have the level of compliance and the pervasiveness of compliant practice that I think Saskatchewan residents are entitled to until there are particularly serious consequences. I think that people being charged under an offence provision and a court process and then at the end of that if somebody is found guilty, substantial fines . . . I think that’s pretty serious,” said Dickson, who added that prosecutions do occur in other jurisdictions.

Dickson also notes the need for training, something that NAID specifically equips members to provide. “A huge training effort has to happen in our province . . . We’re certainly making some headway, but we simply have too many organizations in Saskatchewan in 2011 that aren’t doing an appropriate job in protecting personal information.”

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